In the Catalog, we publish equatorial (α2000, δ2000) and galactic (l,b) coordinates of cluster centers derived as the position of overdensity in 2MASS catalog (Koposov et al. 2008). Distances, color-excesses and ages are the mean-square values calculated using all available evaluations from different color-magnitude diagrams. Errors are their rms deviations. There are individual pages for every cluster where all available plots and parameters are published. Images of the size 8.5' x 10' in J-band are taken from 2MASS catalog. For some clusters, we present 15' x 15' images from DSS. Fitted isochrones are taken from Girardi et al.(2002). To convert the color excesses determined using different CMD into the color excess E(B-V) and to calculate the distance modulus, we employed the following relations:

AK_s=0.670 x E(J-Ks) (Dutra et al., 2002)
AV=3.08 x E(B-V), E(V-Ic)=1.35 x (B-V), E(V-J)=2.25 x E(B-V),
E(V-H)=2.57 x E(B-V) (He et al., 1995)

To fit an isochrone in the (U-B,B-V) diagram, we shifted it along the line E(U-B)=0.72 x E(B-V).

Here are some basic subset characteristics (click for large image):